Welcome to Berghiabase. Breeding the Glass Anemone eating nudibranch.

The Berghia stephanieae nudibranch is the only remedy against the pesky Glass Anemones or Aiptasia that is 100% effective. This nudibranch is diet specific and eats only Aiptasia, nothing else. And eats a lot of them!

The Berghia stephanieae is a pack animal. They need each other to hunt, feed and breed. One Berghia nudibranch has difficulty in killing Glass Anemones. That’s why our minimum order quantity is 3 nudibranchs.

Do you prefer not to use any chemicals in your tank for the control of Glass Anemones? Putting Berghia snails to work is the only guaranteed natural remedy. 

Do you have a wholesale or retail company, please contact us for the possibilities and price information. Mail address: sales@berghiabase.com

Every order is packed with care and expertise. We use UPS Overnight Express for every shipment. We are committed to make sure that your new animals arrive safely and healthy at your doorstep.

Acclimating your nudibranchs is a vital process to ensure they survive and thrive in your system. Release them together, near Aiptasia, preferably when it’s dark and let them crawl out of the containers by themselves.

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Today our first order from outside the EU went underway! Within two days our wonderful #Berghia #nudibranchs will arrive in beautiful #Hongkong city! ... See MoreSee Less

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Here are some pictures of just one of the #breeding tanks I have for the #Berghia #stephanieae #nudibranchs. In total there are over 20 of these tanks. All the chambers have large populations of Berghia stephanieae #sea #slugs and a huge number of #egg-strings in total. So many more juvenile nudibranchs are on their way.
Do you want to get rid of the #Aiptasia infestation in your tank? Order your own #Glass #Anemone clean-up crew online at www.berghiabase.com or click the 'Shop Now" button in the header of this page.
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One of my #Berghia #nudibranch #breeding #stations running at a nice pace at the moment. 16 Breeding chambers placed inside an 2m long #aquarium, producing hundreds of juvenile Berghia #seaslugs per month!
Can anyone guess how many square meters of #Aiptasia (#Glassanemones, #Glasrosen, #Glasanemonen) #propagation I need to sustain these little monsters in this one station?
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